Noche Buena en Cuba

Since it’s December, I decided to write about Christmas celebrations in Cuba. For this post, I had the opportunity to interview a good friend of mine (which I have included below) and talk about the traditions she and her family have for christmas.

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When do you and your family celebrate? 

We usually celebrate on the 24th. We call it Noche Buena which means good night. The get-together usually happened at my grandparents’ house with my grandma and grandpa leading.


Do you have a big dinner? What kind of foods do you eat? 

Yeah, we have a big family dinner. My mom would make pierna de puerco or a whole roasted pig, some yuca con mojo, arroz blanco, frijoles negros, bread, salad, and other side dishes like that. For dessert we usually had flan. We also have turron (it’s a dessert made of nougat and almonds).


Flan. Photo from Pixabay.


Pierna de puerco. Photo from Pixabay.

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Turron. Photo from Pixabay.

Do you have any fried plantains during Buena Noche?!

Ha ha, no, we didn’t really have plantains during this time.

What other festivities would you have?

We always had Christmas music playing and salsa music. And the adults would drink and just be merry, ha ha.


Silhouette of salsa dancers. Picture from WikiMedia Commons.

Do you exchange gifts? When would that take place and when would you be allowed to open them?

After dinner, gifts would be exchanged with the whole extended family. Then, on the 25th, each immediate family would open their gifts to each other at their respective houses.


Felices fiestas!





Gundersen, Ofelia. “Noche Buena.” Personal

interview. 25 Nov. 2015.


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